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Temple Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals
The following ritualistic formalities and schedules are observed at Puthupparamp temple.

Nata Thurappu (oppening of temple Sreekovil)

Palliyunarthu (waking of the Goddess.)


Ganapathy homam (specific offering to God Vinayaka)

Deeparadhana (burning incense and lighting lamps to the Honour and Glory of the Almighty)

Usha Pooja (Morning rite)

Ucha Pooja (special rite)

Nata Atappu (Closure of temple Sreekovil)

05.00 pm
Nata Thurappu(oppening of temple Sreekovil)

 Deeparadhana (burning incense and lighting lamps to the Honour and Glory of the Almighty)

Athazha Pooja (Night rite)

Nata Atappu (Closure of temple Sreekovil)

Pooja timings may be altered  on special occasions

There are many items of offerings scheduled in the temple.  The devotees are free to have then choice according their need
Chuttu vilakku - 0000/-           Udayasthamana Pooja - 0000/-    Ardha Dina Pooja - 0000/-
Bhagavathy seva - 000/-           Muzhukkappu - 000/- Navakabhishekam - 000 Kalabhabhishekam - 0000- Pushpabhishekam - 0000/- Panchamrithabhishekam - 000/- Ashtadravyabhishekam - 000/- Laksharchana - 0000/-
Panthirunazhi - 000/- Sreebali - 000/-, Kalam Ponkala – 0000/-
Besides these “Annaprasanam “ ("Kunjoonu"  or Choroonu - first rice feeding ceremony for children) Thulabharam, Vidyarambham, Archana etc. can be done at this temple. The main offering of Chuttu vilakku is booked until 2012 A.D The other main offering of the Goddess viz., Muzhukkappu (Covering the idol with sandal paste) is booked until 2011 A.D. and the Kalabhabhishekam for the next one years. The devotees who wish to conduct Ponkala/ Vazhipadu, can enter the Website and remit the respective amount to the bankers of the Temple. The temple authorities will conduct the Pooja/ Vazhipadu, as the case may be, and send the prasadam by post.

(Arrangements for despatching Prasadam by post on request to the Secretary of the Puthupparamp Temple , are also made available)

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