Thursday, November 22, 2012

Booking of Sabarimala Virtual Q Coupon opened up to 19/01/2013

Sabarimala Virtual Q Portal FAQ

  1. What is Sabarimala Virtual Q Portal?

  2. How can I get a Coupon?

  3. Do I have to pay for the Coupon?

  4. Should I need to Register in the site to get the Coupon?

  5. How to know if there are slots available for a particular day?

  6. Is this slot booking facility open only for Manadalakalam only or throughout the year?

  7. Who can book a slot?

  8. What documents should I need to book a slot?

  9. What documents should I carry when going for Darshan?

  10. What is the maximum time limit upto which the slots can be booked?

  11. How early does the booking for a slot start?

  12. How to take the print outs of Coupon?

  13. Does slot booking assure Darshan?

  14. Can I make corrections to a booked slot?

  15. Can I modify the Token to somebody else's name?

  16. Can I change the time and/or date of a Booked slot?

  17. How to cancel a Booked slot/Token?

  18. The Email activation link received through the mail got expired; what to do?

  19. What if I forget my Password?

  20. How to make a Group Booking?

  21. What is the maximum number of persons allowed for a Group Booking?

  22. What if I lost my Coupon?

Virtual Q

Sabarimala VirtualQ is an Online Portal for Devotees to book a slot on the separate Queue maintained by Kerala Police. This helps devotees to reach Sannidhanam without waiting in the long queue usually formed at Pampa. The system generate fixed number of coupons for every hour, devotees can plan to reach Pampa on the specified time, and enter on to the queue without any waiting. This dedicated queue will be manned by Kerala Police exclusively for those coming with the VirtualQ coupon. The coupons and ID card will be verified by Kerala Police, before allowing them to enter the Queue.
The availability of slots can be searched by entering the number of Devotees, and the preferred time slots for a month. The slots will be opened on a weekly basis. The search results will show a calender view of the month with the dates in Green colour box, if slots are available. By clicking on the date, available slots for that particular day will be displayed on right side, Devotee can choose a slot from the list. The availability will be displayed here. After this, if you wish to book that slot, Sign up and create your profile first by adding Name, Address, District, Pin Code, Photo ID card, Photo (Upload a jpeg file with less than 30 KB size). If you have a log-in ID at,sign-in and book the slot or add other devotees profile and add them to a group by creating an new Group or add to an existing group you have created.
When a slot is booked, you can print the Coupon, also a coupon will be send to your email given.
For more information and guidelines, Read FAQ or Download User Manual

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